Victory Road

To participate, follow our GymNav page on Facebook or Twitter to know when and where gym leaders will be available in Montreal. Then go meet them with your 3DS in hand and battle for their badge! No registration required!

In addition to their own specific rules described below, all the gyms follow the MPL Rules



Leader: Bobby

Format: Singles 6v6


Battle style: Brute Force

This is a bare-knuckled brawl! Both players can only use moves in the Physical category or moves in the Status category that don't inflict indirect damage or cause Status ailments.


Leader: Patrick

Format: Varies


Battle style: Cast Away

Are you fishing for a fight? The gym leader rolls a siz-sided die to determine the battle format. A result of 1 or 2 means Single, 3 or 4 means Double, 5 means the challenger can choose and 6 means the gym leader can choose.


Leader: Marcus

Format: Doubles 6v6


Battle style: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

There's no going back! Players cannot switch their Pokémon by any means. All abilities, items and moves that allow the user to switch or force the opponent to switch are banned.


Leader: Anthony

Format: Singles 6v6


Battle style: Normal Battle

Nothing abnormal here. Move along. This is a normal, 6v6 Single battle following standard MPL rules.


Leader: Francis

Format: Singles 6v6


Battle style: Wing Clip

Gale Wings? More like Clipped Wings. The ability Gale Wings is banned.


Leader: Ariane

Format: Singles 6v6


Battle style: Warped Potential

The toxic environment prevents the use of status category moves that boost the user's stats. Stat-boosting Z-moves such as Z-Encore or Extreme Evoboost are allowed as long as the move being used for the Z-move is not a stat-boosting status move.


Leader: Matt

Format: Doubles 6v6


Battle style: Evil Never Sleeps

Who am I? Your worst nightmare. Players cannot use any status category moves that put the opponent to sleep.


Leader: Ka Shing

Format: Singles 6v6


Battle style: Just as Planted

Berry important - Handle with care. Moves or abilities that knock, destroy or steal items or berries are banned. Item switching is still allowed.


Leader: Marc-André

Format: Singles 6v6


Battle style: Clear Skies

The weather's looking great! Not a cloud in the sky! No weather or terrain move or abilities are permitted.


Leader: Martin

Format: Doubles 6v6


Battle style: Tectonic Stability

The gym's floor is incredibly stable. The moves Earthquake and Bulldoze cannot be used by either player. All other ground-type moves are still allowed.


Leader: Ahmed

Format: Doubles 6v6


Battle style: Frozen in Time

Both players roll a die. The Pokémon at the position given by the die is frozen in time and has to be used last.


Leader: Ryan

Format: Doubles 6v6


Battle style: Double Trouble

Welcome to Double Trouble. I'm your host, Alex Trebeak. The challenger is asked 3 Pokémon-related questions in the style of Jeopardy. For every correct answer the gym leader loses an item. For every incorrect answer the challenger loses an item.


Leader: Myles

Format: Varies


Battle style: Fairy's Fortune

Let Lady Luck determine the format! Flip a coin to determine the battle format. Heads for Singles, Tails for Doubles.


Leader: Carlo

Format: Doubles 4v4


Battle style: Trainer's Dice

Both players roll four dice. The Pokémon at the positions given by the dice have to be used to form the team of four. If a player rolls doubles, they can choose the remaining Pokémon to complete their team of four.

Elite 4 and League Champion

Have you won at least 8 Victory Road badges this season? Keep an eye open for our next Elite 4 Expo event! At these events, all the trainers who have collected 8 badges can try to beat the Elite 4 and Champion to be entered in the Hall of Fame!


Master: George

Format: Doubles 6v6


Master: Anupam

Format: Singles 6v6


Master: J-M

Format: Doubles 6v6


Master: Caroline

Format: Singles 6v6

Champion Battle

Master: Jayar

Format: Varies

Our Victory Road badges were designed by Olivier Maranda Art